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C4177 'Pitch Line' Shoe Label of C4177 'Pitch Line' Shoe

Check the label on the inside of the tongue, as shown above, to see if your shoes are affected.

Dear Valued Customer,
Warson Brands has discovered that a limited number of C4177 “Pitch Line” shoes do not test conductive and do not meet the ASTM standard for conductive footwear. Warson Brands has determined that the issue is limited to C4177 shoes that have the following purchase order numbers: A11-1519, A11-1524, and A12-1559.  We have inspected all shoes in our Distribution Center and have isolated the problem, eliminating the possibility of further shipment of these non-testing shoes.  Warson Brands requests that you review your inventory, including any footwear delivered to consumers, and return to Warson Brands all C4177 shoes that have one of the three PO numbers listed above. The stock number and purchase order number can be found on the inside tongue label of Converse work shoes.  Please return affected shoes with a copy of this notice to:

Warson Brands
330 S. Patterson, Ste. 101
Springfield, MO.  65802

If you have questions please contact your Territory Manager or call us at 1-877-753-2426.